Reset Ihost - Remove Add On

How do I reset my iHost?
I have this Add On that I want to get rid of but it is impossible, therefore I need to reset completely. I did try the reset pin hole, but the Add on is still there and I can not remove it. I have also removed the SD Card and installed a new one, its still there


install updates 1.6.0. there is an option to remove the addon

This is 1.6.0. There is no option to remove that I can see?

It is the key component to have your eWeLink Compatible devices running. I bet that’s why it is displayed by default. As you can see on the screenshot it isn’t installed. So not much to worry about if you don’t want to have it installed.

I want to install the add on with the same name but with the different discription of controlling Cube devices. I cant install this because I cant remove this one. Nor can I reset the device, so im stuck.

The issue is im not seeing any devices so i want to try the other add on

I don’t think you can remove this add-on
ewelink-smart-home comes pre-installed

No, its not pre-stalled. I installed it, but now I can not remove it

Which is the correct add on to use?

The issue is that Im not seeing any of my devices, so Im thinking that I should the using the Ewelink-Cube instead of the Ihost Add On

Are all your SONOFF LAN devices on the same LAN as iHost?

Or you try to restart (refresh) the addon to see if the devices appear.