IHost/AIBridge invisible in eWeLink App

Am I the only one where the iHost/AIBridge is not visible anymore in the ewelink App?
During the first installation of iHost I was able to add it to the App and update it to the latest version.
After problems with instability of the iHost and reinstalling it a few times, I no longer see it in the App.
(Both iHost and App are on the same network, iHost and Smartphome visible on router)
Someone any solution?

Did you link your eWeLink account in iHost settings?

Yes Teki, but for some reason the link disappears and I have to link again :roll_eyes:.
(So I have to check daily if the link is still there :thinking: )

If you’ve reset iHost to factory default, you need to link again. Once linked iHost will be visible in the eWeLink app, you don’t need to check daily.

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It could be because I have had to reset the iHost so many times due to problems with the TFCards, tested different types etc that I overlooked this :upside_down_face:.
Thanks :+1: I’ll pay special attention to it :slightly_smiling_face:

Is it convenient to provide your device DeviceID to us privately? We will directional OTA a new firmware to this device to try to solve the problem of TF cards.

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Ok Alexie, mail sended… thanks in advance :+1:

hello I have the same sd card problem I had to reset the iHost several times

Please send me your DeviceID via privately message , we will release a targeted 1.5.5 version upgrade for your iHost. you can see if the upgrade fixes the problem.

Do your have test your flash card using H2testw
Maby fake ?