iHost.local returns to login page

Every few minutes, the ihost.local site returns to the login page and forces me to re-enter my password. Before I start experimenting with browsers and settings, has anyone else seen this behavior or have an idea why it is happening?

seems related to browser cache, try open in a incognito window, or use the IP address.

I always use IP address to access iHost site and I never had the behavior you described.

I too believe that this problem is more likely to be related to network or browser issues. And I agree with the previous suggestions: use the IP-address. And if possible: Make sure the router always gives this device the same IP address. Then you can store/bookmark it.

I red in an other post that same problem is in case you want a token from iHost for node-red, when it runs on other machine.

I remember I had the same problem with loging out. I have changed microsd card and now it’s ok. Anyway before i’ve changed the card I had many other problems with ihost, I was almost sure that ihost is broken because this card works perfect in other devices. In my opinion current firmware 1.53 is crap but you shoyld try with another card

Thanks for the suggestions.

I don’t like having to use a fixed IP address, but that may be the easiest thing to try.

So far, neither has anyone else, at least not under similar conditions.

I’m not using an SD card, so it may not be the same issue.

I have a few other problems with the iHost, and will get back to this one as soon as I can.

Clear your browser cache, and make sure that your browser remembers your actual login and password for ihost.local. If you decide to use iHost IP address, set it fixed with your router.
BTW, using or not an SD card has nothing to do with your problem.

So far, none of these steps has resolved the issue.

  1. Caches cleared
  2. No TF card
  3. iHost addressed by IP address, reserved in router
  4. Incognito (private) window used
  5. Login page remembers password

The iHost connection returns to the login screen in a few (at most 10) minutes. I am watching the browser console for hints on what is happening.

And your browser is… ?

Good question. It is Safari, running on macOS. I plan to try other browsers, but wanted to try the other suggestions here first.

hi, we’d like to look into this issue, please download the system logs and submit via the feedback button

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Did you try to access the site from another device, ex tablet, laptop?

I have not had this issue again since updating the firmware to version 1.5.3 and using a reserved IP address. If it returns, I will submit the system logs. Thanks everyone for your suggestions.

Hi all
I am trying to set up the IHost and I can’t get past the log in screen, fill in all the details and then it returns with “ failed to respond, try again later”. Yes the laptop and IHost are connected to the same network. Naturally it keeps doing this!!!

Did you try to do it using IP address?

Where would I find the ip address? Thanks

what if you refresh the page? or reboot the iHost?

about how to find the ip, you need to login to your router’s management page and check the list of connected devices.

Tried it, no difference on refresh or reboot. Will try to get that info off starlink router.

Use an app like Fing or so. Often it helps in finding the IP address.

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