Update Ewelink Cube V1.13.3 is corrupt


The new firmware V.13.3 for the cube is corrupt. I see only in the left: Home, scene, docker and setting. The rest of the screens do not load in the cube: cast ,matter, security and pilot features

Mine updated fine to V1.13.3 working as expected so far

Can you provide a screenshot of the problem?

what about using the IP address to login to iHost web console? can you please have a try?

Please right click inspect on the iHost page to open the browser console, and click the left menu icon to reproduce the problem, then take a screenshot.

In addition, you can try the following ways to solve the problem:

  1. Clear the browser cache and refresh the page
  2. Open the iHost page in another browser
  3. Restart iHost

I contacted the ihost via the IP address in the same browser where I had the problem. Everything was visible via the IP address. Then I went to ihost.local in the same browser and everything was visible again. Very strange, but everything works again

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FYI 1.13.2 to 1.13.3 went ok for me on a remote iHost I manage.

It is not strange at all if you have heard of browser caching and the differences between access by name and by IP address. It is good and by all means recommended practice to empty the cache after every web interface change.