iHost.local returns to login page

Tried IP direct…same outcome.

Have got to log in…dont know what did it, it just worked after two days, possibly an OTA update. Thank you all for your help

OTA updates only work AFTER you have logged in and linked your eWeLink account.
Most likely it a browser compatibility issue or so. If the problem still existed I would have advise to have a look at the developer tools of your browser. Especially which asynchronous requests are done, the replies to those request and any browser console errors.

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Did the password contain so-called special characters? Did you change your password just before you successfully logged in?

No Jam3 I tried a few different passwords just because of that. I tried a & and a #. The one in use has a capital and a special character.

Try with another browser or clean the browser cache to see if the issue persists.