Ihost first setup problems

I bought an Ihost but I have been experiencing some problems.
Accessing its page in order to first configure it, eventually, after some time, a message appeared saying that the connection wasn’t secure but after a quick reload, it retuned back to normal and I could access the ihost’s page but the same message kept appearing time after time impeding my access to its page.
After some time and a lot of patience I was able to access it and add three devices to it. After that the Ihost stopped working properly and I turned it off and on and right after that the red light never turned blue again ever since and the log in page doesn’t stop flickering like a never ending reload loop (spinning circles) and I can’t access the Ihost main page ever since it started.
I’m not sure what happened, I bought a micro sd just in case but didn’t do anything to the Ihost, I tried to reset it but nothing happened and now I’m relying to the forum to know if this is something that happened before or if I could have bought a faulty device.

I followed every step in order to configure it, I didn’t try anything else but adding three temperature and humidity sensors and it simply stopped working ever since.

If you have any input, please, I would pretty much appreciate it.

Thank you.
Kind regards.

iHost is not a perfect device. Occasionally the problems you describe happen. However, your unit is not necessarily faulty. Let’s start with the power supply. Well, the power supply must be reliable, ensuring optimal performance. Not every power supply is suitable. It’s not recommended to use a phone charger. In general, these chargers don’t produce the exact voltage and amperage written on the label.
The recommended capacity for the power supply for iHost is a minimum of 2A. So check your actual power supply and if it doesn’t meet the conditions and, if it’s a phone charger or power is supplied from some other device, get yourself a proper power supply. For example, an official power supply from Sonoff or one designed to power the Raspberry Pi 4.
Remove the TF (SD) card. Not all cards are suitable for use with iHost. Using some can cause serious problems.
Once you have made sure of the power supply and removed the TF card, perform a factory reset. This is discussed in this forum thread. Be patient as the restore process takes time. Do not disconnect power! Tell us if the steps described fixed the problem.
Note: Remember to clear your browser cache and to call up the iHost interface by typing http://ihost.local/. It is normal for a secure connection warning to be displayed. Ignore it and proceed with the configuration.

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Did you update the iHost to the latest firmware version 1.13.7?

Daniel, it’s a wrong question, I suppose. As I understood it, the guy can’t fire up iHost at all, so the firmware version is irrelevant.