iHost error when syncing

When I try to sync a POW Elite (tried 3 different unit) I get an error: “Failed, please try later”.

the logs are:
2023-05-29T15:53:25.796894211Z “firmware_version”: “1.0.7”,

2023-05-29T15:53:25.796949628Z “service_address”: “http://ihost:8321/api/v1/device/100187649e

2023-05-29T15:53:25.796993378Z }

2023-05-29T15:53:25.797208628Z ]

2023-05-29T15:53:25.797357086Z }

2023-05-29T15:53:25.797426795Z }

2023-05-29T15:53:25.797464128Z }

2023-05-29T15:53:25.879488970Z [2023-05-29T15:53:25.870] [ERROR] total - sync device to iHost error params------------------ {

2023-05-29T15:53:25.879754095Z type: ‘INVALID_PARAMETERS’,

2023-05-29T15:53:25.879840428Z description: ‘payload error:error(err) {\n’ +

2023-05-29T15:53:25.879896428Z ‘\n’ +

2023-05-29T15:53:25.879972261Z " Assert(err, ‘Missing error’);\n" +

2023-05-29T15:53:25.880025345Z " Assert(err instanceof Error || typeof err === ‘function’, ‘Must provide a valid Error object or a function’);\n" +

2023-05-29T15:53:25.880175553Z ‘\n’ +

2023-05-29T15:53:25.880258678Z " return this.$_setFlag(‘error’, err);\n" +

2023-05-29T15:53:25.880314970Z ’ }!’

2023-05-29T15:53:25.880361636Z }

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Do you update the eWeLink Smart Home addon version to the latest one?

Yes, 1.3.0 and also rebooted a couple of times.

Exactly same issue here.
POW Elite firmware version: 1.0.7
eWeLink CUBE Version: 1.6.3
ewelink/ewelink-smart-home: 1.3.0

Thanks for confirming the issue, I was starting to think I was the only one

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I have the same problem

We have noticed this issue and it will be fixed in the following update.

Thx for your report.


I´ve just updated to eWeLink CUBE Version: 1.7.0 and it is fixed!!! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I have the same problem!

Try update your ihost to 1.7.0

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Updating to 1.7.0 I was able to sync the device, but in the Scene section there are no conditions for the power consumption, only ON/OFF state.
Even worse in Nodered there are no state available.

How are we supposed to manage scenarios/rules for POW Elite regarding power consumption?