iHost - edit startup parameter for running containers

I propose a small improvement. It would be appropriate to implement the possibility of editing the settings of the various dockers plugins without having to delete the settings every time and recreate them from scratch. This already happens for example under the Synology and trueNAS dockers.


Thanks for the feedback. Docker containers are intended to be disposable, and you should better recreate them when using new startup parameters and arguments.

That’s why we provide volume management, which allows you to project paths and store essential data and configurations.

I understand, as it is under Synology. However, losing all the settings (folders, ports, etc.) and recreating them from scratch is not a trivial waste of time. For example, under Filebrowser, adding a new directory for a new Docker container, especially when you have many, can take several minutes. This is instead of simply stopping the Docker container, adding an additional directory, and then restarting the Docker appliance.

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It looks more like docker-compose and compose up script?

It should better help to manage these parameters while keeping containers disposable.

This is a video on how Synology implements docker: https://youtu.be/xzMhZoUs7uw?si=plblEyAML802GbPK

It is an old one since the new version has a lot of additional functionalities that I don’t think I host can and should support. In this video you will see also how it manages external directories without all the mess with file browser.