Errors uninstalling containers in docker

When uninstalling a docker container, it leaves it on the desktop. Ok, nothing happens.
However, if you try to uninstall Homebridge, it doesn’t, no matter how many times you try.

What’s your CUBE version? is it latest 1.5.3 ?
Do you mean the add-on stay on the add-on list when it is uninstalled?

My version is 1.5.3.
To get them to not show up, I had to completely reset the device, format the card on the PC, insert it back into the iHost and format it with iHost.
Still, out of the four containers I had, the eWeLink container appeared, which I took the opportunity to reinstall.
By the way, when you reset the computer, you have to unplug it or it stays locked and with the led in red.

the eWeLink Smart Home add-on is added to the container list by default.
The reset/reboot seems related with TF card issue, please send me the iHost device id via private message.