iHost - Filebrowser

I think that browsing through files should be something native inside iHost, at least inside dockers volume. Creating everytime a new configuration to have access to the local docker directories is such a waste of time.

You have misconceptions about storage structure management. As it is now, it is correct.

Perhaps I didn’t explain myself clearly. Currently, Filebrowser is not a native feature but is implemented through a Docker plugin, which is useful for remote access. Every time a new Docker container is added, you have to delete the Filebrowser container, recreate it to add the new directory (along with having to copy all the previous directories), and then restart the container. I believe it would be much simpler if there were an option in the directory creation area to click and view the underlying files without all this unnecessary work. Thankfully, I believe my suggestion has been noted in the ideas section.

Really?! Is that the case with you?

I don’t understand the controversy… it’s just a proposal for improvement to make life easier for everyone. If they don’t implement it, we will continue to do as we do now.

What controversy? I’m simply asking if you have to do as you described. Because it’s weird.

Sorry, I misunderstood. As you can see from these two quotes you can understand that access to directories is through a plugin, and every time you have add a directory you have to delete the plugin settings and set up from scratch.

It will be exactly the same if filebrowser is a part of the system. This is because the docker containers are intended to be disposable. (see remark from @ward)