TF-Card Filesystem iHost


Just configured the iHost today and I am happy so far.

I just wonder if there is a possibility to access the SD-Card Filesystem from somewhere?

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In next update, there will be a new feature allowing users to create/delete volume on TF card.
and there are already some file management docker add-ons allowing users to manage the files, like Filebrowser.
We may post the tutorials on this forum when the new feature is available.


Volume management is expected in version 1.6.0, so you can create a volume on an SD-Card and work with the volume by mounting it to the file management addon.


That looks nice! Is there a roadmap when we can expect 1.6?

Hi @Teki
A tutorial as how to use the docker features and especially filebrowser would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks and cheers

Indeed. Especially as the filebrowser can’t run with default settings (already port 80 in use), the UI of iHost doesn’t show a link to the filebrowser UI and the filebrowser UI doesn’t show any file at all: Filebrowser add-on for iHost firmware 1.6.2 doesn't show folders

Please have a look at this @Teki

I guess the iHost UI doesn’t link to the filebrowser UI, because that is a separate application, running in a Docker Container.
The new features look promising, but they will need some sort of manual or tutorial.

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Cannot delete folder in File Browser. What is the problem?