Home assistant can be a replacement for ihost?

If I install in home assistant the ewelink add on, Does scene control depend on the cloud or is it like ihost that scene control is handled locally? Because with ihost I have scene loop problems, if I activate an ultimate tx too quickly, the scene connected to that button goes in a loop, turning the light on and off continuously, In my opinion it is due to a slow response from ihost

It depends on what device you have. The add-on is not fully local.

In HA, the scenes are something different than in eWeLink. But in general, all automations in HA are local. As @ward mentioned earlier, the eWeLink add-on is not fully local. Some devices will still require access to the eWeLink cloud, but so-called scenes will not be mapped. They do not affect the automations that you create in HA. You need to keep this in mind to avoid potential conflicts.

OK thank a lot guy :wink:, So I create automations with HA and to be safe I deactivate the “scenes” created with the app?

I’ve tried to install ewelink addon v1.4.3, but appear this messagge during installation

Impossibile installare il componente aggiuntivo

The command ‘/bin/sh -c apt-get update && apt-get install -y python build-essential’ returned a non-zero code: 100

do you have some solution?


This news has to do with the fact that this addition has not been developed for almost two years. In that time, HA has changed and changed a lot. You may use the SONOFF LAN add-on GitHub. I have been using this add-on for many weeks successfully. It is updated regularly. Of course, it has limitations. The author describes them comprehensively on the project pages. Just read the notes and keep in mind.

Take it slow and keep in mind that this project, however very interesting, has serious drawbacks! This is an unofficial port and has not been significantly updated for probably 5 months. It has the potential to damage the LAN port on iHost. Representatives of Rockchip, the manufacturer of the chip, confirmed that this misconfiguration would certainly cause damage to the hardware. It is just a matter of time and probability. Most importantly, the processor in iHost is 32-bit. This is a dead end in the development of HAOS, as official support is now limited to 64-bit only.

i read something about it, but i want to mantain ihost original, and use home assistant…

I seriously broke two units while testing; if you insist on using it, please wait for a fixed version (possibly it needs more time from the mainline Linux to fix).

Please note :warning:: once you unlock it, you will also void the warranty.

You can’t have your cake and eat it :slight_smile:
Rather than risking the damage to iHost, think about another solution. You can’t run CUBE and HAOS at the same time. iHost is not the best hardware platform for HA anyway, because that’s not what it was designed for. On top of that, as @ward mentioned, you will permanently lose the warranty. You will also lose time and some nerves. What’s the point?

Yes, perhaps I explained myself badly, I meant that I want to keep the original ihost (which doesn’t have a very rapid hardware anyway) and, as I’m doing now, another device with a home assistant installed.

That’s a game changer. Good idea. If you don’t have any hardware capable of running HAOS (an old PC or NAS with a docker option), any RPI will do. Preferably RPI 4 with 4GB RAM if you do not plan extensive tasks and/or automations. I’m quite happy with mine RPI 4 - 8GB + NVME drive on USB 3.0 + Sonoff Zigbee dongle flashed with alternative firmware.

I first started with Haos on the ihost. that was not a success. With every HAOS update I lost everything. Then installed HAOS on a rasberry 3. But it kept getting stuck.
Then I was so fed up with it that I ordered a complete PC with HOAS OS pre-installed. The advantage of HAOS OS is that you have all the functionalities. Then I installed HACS and then the HAOS sonoff integration. This has worked perfectly so far and I have now left Ihost for 2 months. HAOS did expand my world and has many more options than ihost.

Yes, in fact I also have a mini PC with HAOS, I don’t have much experience with this system, in fact yesterday I tried to install Sonoff addon but without success, when I pasted the link to add the component it gave me an error (this evening I’ll try again and post the error)…I want to use HA to unify all the devices under a single Hub (ezviz/sonoff) then the two robot vacuum cleaners, the Smart audio speakers etc etc

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You can still use it as a powerful Matter Bridge that HA won’t offer and decentralize your setup in case HA breaks.

I dont use matter