Where should I keep my Scenes?

I have an eWelink Web account, as well as a local iHost. Both of these allow me to create Scenes, but is one better than the other?
I would have thought the Scenes you created on your eWeLink account would have been shared with the iHost, but this doesn’t appear to be the case.
Also, which Scenes are shaired with my Google Home account?

Scenes from the ewelink cloud will not work. Ihost is a completely local device with no cloud integration.

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None are shared. As @ociepa.ekotox mentioned, iHost runs locally with the whole shebang.

Run the NodeRED docker on the iHost. Aswell as being more powerful, you have lots of pre-designed palettes to add and they have a backup function. I don’t really know why people with an iHost still use the inbuilt scene function.