Has anyone used Alexa presence sensing to trigger TRVZB?

So after finding the motion sensors to be unreliable, I thought I would try setting up a scene with Alexa to switch on the TRVZB if presence sensed and vice versa.
Does anybody know if this will interfere with my previously set scenes?
Which takes priority when you have potentially conflicting instructions?

Very interested in people’s experience in general of Alexa routines versus Ewelink scenes. Which are best?


I have no experience in the scenario you present.

But it is obvious that conflicts in automation should be avoided at all costs because it will always end in some kind of problem.
Execution priority hmm, it’s hard to say, whatever runs faster will be first. But I would also avoid mixing things up here. There is no sense in two environments doing more or less the same thing.

Think carefully about your automation model, because if you encounter conflicts, it means that you have not properly thought through the action scenario.