TRVZB voice control available in Alexa

Finally, the ability to control TRVZB by voice has been added to Alexa with eWeLink Skill. It’s not perfect, but it works effectively. Try it for yourselves.
My TRVZB is connected to NSPanel Pro, and via the new paral-sync add-on version to iHost.

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Hi there, just to understand: why don’t you connect the TRVs directly to the iHost?

If I connect them directly to my iHost, they’re controllable locally only. Paral-sync is a one-way add-on, at least for now.

What a pity
I had the hope that use matter bridge from iHost to an Amazon device was possible :frowning:
The potential on the iHost is obvius but the short term application is still in question for me.

You can probably connect the iHost to Alexa using a node-Red palette. Mine is connected to Google Home. Install the Node Red docker and then search for an Amazon Alexa palette. It’s kinda a bit a pain in the ass as you have to do each device and each number yourself.

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I completely fail to understand why connecting to Alexa via Matter is fetishised. What’s so much better about it?
For now, it’s still something more for testing than for practical use.

Well, if that refers to my intention I would explain myself: It is just based on my lack of knowledge. I did just jump on this field and I’m trying to find the easier path to control my heating and lights.
I understand that you can use paral-sync because you own a NSPanel, which I don’t.
Anyway my attempts to use matter bridge to Echo show15 are not working so… as eerke suggested… I will try to learn about Node-red.

If anyone knows how to make Zigbees devices on iHost controlable by Alexa just let me know, thanks a lot

As iHost is conceived as a local server, there is no way to control connected Zigbee devices with Alexa or Google Home. Many people do not understand this. Since iHost is meant to make you independent of the cloud, and you want Alexa control this server is not the right choice. The original sin of the manufacturer was not stating this in the marketing materials clear enough.
For me, the ‘localness’ of iHost is an advantage, but of course I also value the possibility of voice control. The solution suggested by eerke is worth considering, but requires a bit of work.
NSPanel Pro is a separate story. In terms of misplaced marketing, quite similar to iHost. I have this device and use paral-sync. In combination with iHost it is possible to get around many of the limitations by making compromises. As announced, paral-sync will be bi-directional in the not-too-distant future.
The iHost firmware has the Matter bridge function as a pilot. For reasons unknown, the eWeLink developers have moved it to the main menu even though it is not necessarily ready. If you follow the Matter in iHost threads here, you will get an idea of the nature of the problem. I think there will soon be a breakthrough and it will be possible to connect via the Matter bridge to Alexa without a hitch.

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Thank to this forum an people like you, that spend some time on share what they know, I am getting to understand my initial confusion.
I totally agree about the marketing comment, as example I quote a sentence: “Work as your smart home bridge. You can syncronizhe various devices within iHost to platforms such as Alexa…”