IHost Zigbee devices and Alexa

I would like to know how to control a zigbee Curtain switch iHost paired, with Alexa ?

I don’t think that is possible at the moment. iHost is a local-only device.

You will need a Zigbee Bridge, Zigbee Bridge Pro, or NS Panel to be able to do that via the Ewelink app and it’s Alexa integration. You will need to pair your Zigbee curtain with that product and unpair it from iHost.

With the NS Panel, you can sync your Zigbee products also to iHost. The same is promised for the Zigbee Bridge Pro in the future. The ‘normal’ Zigbee Bridge will not be able to sync to iHost.

There might be other ways out there via Node Red or Home Assistant, but this is the easiest

Ok i see. Thanks a lot for your answer.

Yes. Also with iobroker.