Migration from ZBBridge-P to iHost

Hi! I am currently using ZBBridge-P and some Sonoff WiFi devices with ewelink and alexa (echo devices) and I want to migrate to iHost to take advantage of the Matter Bridge and to be able to incorporate some Tuya Zigbee devices that I need (currently I don’t have a Tuya Zigbee hub). My question is, will I need to pair everything again? Does it make sense to keep the ZBBridge or should I connect everything to the iHost? I mainly use Alexa and would like to use Apple with the Matter Bridge. Thank you for your advice.

Yes, you will.

Thank you. Does it make sense to keep the ZBBridge in my setup, or does it not provide any benefit?

Hi, cwagnere.
There are two options:

  1. Pair everything again to iHost.
  2. Sync the devices via smart-home add-on.

But beware, you’ll face some function lost since ZBBridge-P in smart-home add-on is base on LAN.
Try and see if it fits your need.

Thank you very much, I just ordered my iHost and as soon as it arrives, I hope to start learning more.

I am not sure after sync and removed the bridge from network will devices working with ihost only. Have you any experience with it?

They will not if you remove the bridge. As the name suggests, the bridge provides an intermediary for Zigbee device communication and is an essential element in this option.