iHost ZB network and Cloud management

Bonjour !

as i have issues with SonOff ZB bridge , I have had a look on iHost.

My only interest should be to manage the ZB devices BUT continue to use the cloud management to access to the SonOff Wifi devices.

My question is this one :

  • Is IHost could be used as an alternative to ZB bridge and continue to have scenario and acces to Wifi modules in the cloud ?

Why this question ? :slight_smile:
Because when I am outside I appreciated to commande WiFi module with my router (box) installed at home.
If I installed an iHOst I would always need the router AND a iHOst to command the Wifi Modules. In fact I add an additionnal box.

Am I wrong ?

Thanks you à excellent we to all

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ihost doesn’t send any device data to the eWeLink cloud, so you won’t be able to see them in the eWeLink app… It’s a fully localized server

Thanks Alexie, I fully understand… So no choice, I need a ZB gateway :sob:

I have the same problem, I will try to monitor and/or control my zigbee devices via ewelink Dashboard or ewelink web to see if I can use iHost without the need for a zigbee Hub :thinking: