How to access iHost externally?

I wanted help understanding how the iHost Sonoff works. When I add a new device, how can I manage it remotely outside of my home Wi-Fi network? Essentially, how do I control it via the Cloud, similar to what is done with eWeLink?

Ciao Renzo. Basically you can continue to control them via web or you can control your ihost through a VPN like tailscale.


Different from Sonoff ZBbridge, iHost is a local hub; if you want external access, you will need tools like Tailscale or FRP.

Thanks everyone. The thing that seems strange to me is that I have a house with several Sonoff devices between WiFi and Zigbee, now connected to the Sonoff Zigbee Bridge. Everything that already exists, I see it on eWeLink, but now I also got a Sonoff iHost and I synchronized everything through eWeLink Smart Home. However, the new devices that I add only on iHost, I can’t see them on eWeLink web. So, if they are not under WiFi coverage, I can’t control them! Since I wanted to eliminate the Sonoff Zigbee Bridge and use everything with iHost, I would find myself limited in remote management. Am I missing something?

What is FRP ?