Sonoff Ihost and ewelink

How can i control the ihost zigbee devices with ewelink ? I can not find a way to connect ihost with ewelink. The only i can do is to see the ihost, but do nothing. Its just to update firmware OTA.
I have a SONOFF ZBMINIL2 ZIGBEE MINI 2 which i paired it with Ihost.
How can i control this sonoff from the ewelink app in my mobile ?

Not sure you can from eWeLink at the moment because it’s completely local. Surprised me too. Took me a while to figure out how

First you need to find a way to connect securely to the iHost. To do this install the TailScale VPN docker image in the whale tab on the left.

Now if your phone supports it turn on the automatic VPN option in the TailScale app. It’s a split tunnelling app, so it’ll only send date to the VPN if it’s to/from other devices on the network., although the VPN symbols is annoyingly ever present.

Create a dashboard on the iHost with the devices you want to control. The iHost interface is currently terrible on small screens.

Look up the IP address of the iHost in the TailScale app. It’ll be 100.x.x.x. That doesn’t change unless you reinstall the docker on the iHost.

Open a browser and put that IP address followed by “/cast/“ and save the bookmark or put it on your home screen. Now you can control your Zigbee device remotely even though it is controlled locally.

When I got my iHost I don’t think they had the TailScale plug-in and was envisaging exposing the iHosts’ web port to the world and using a dynamic DNS server. Would not have been safe. Haven’t figured out how to get encrypted access (SSH) into it yet or how to use 2 factor authentication (if that is possible).

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