DualR3 lite - (automatic) calibration doesn't work

Hi there. I have six DualR3 (regular) and two DualR3 lite. Strange thing with the lite is: There is no automatic calibration. ewelink app only offers manual calibration. And that has a start button, which causes an error when pressed. Also it seems I would need an external switch for manual calibration.
Version was 1.5.0 and now is 1.5.2.
The DualR3 (regular) calibrate without a problem. As far as I understand, the only difference should be the ability to monitor energy consumption in the regular DualR3. So I assume this is a bug (in the app)?
Thanks, clfberlin

PS: Use is for vertical blinds/motor. Percentage settings won’t work without calibration.

I’ll add more. I have a dual r 3 and noticed another big drawback. when I create a schedule, it is possible to select only the opening as a percentage, but there is no closing as a percentage. To be honest, it was done in a stupid way. dual r3 has been on sale for quite a long time, did no one really pay attention to this, and if they did, then the question is - why didn’t they fix it??? Disregard for consumers!!!

Odd. When using Home Assistant (or Alexa), the percentage is treated as a state. “Blinds 60%” raises or drops the blinds to what it considers 60 percent. “Open” is 100%, “closed” is 0%. I have never tried a schedule in the app, though.

Just tried it. When creating a schedule in the app, I get a choice of either “up”, “down” or a percentage value (which either lifts or lowers the blinds to that value). Which app version do you use?

The latest version of the program. but the problem is not in the program, but in the dual r3 firmware, since the schedule is created in the device itself.

Just to understand… You have a choice of “open”, “close” or a percentage?

Yes. Open, close and % only for opening. There is no % for closing, but this is somehow strange and illogical

But there is no state for 75% opened or 75% closed. 75% is a state, meaning it is 25% closed and 75% opened.

It’s bad that he can’t. These are basic mathematical calculations that even a calculator could handle. And how can I specify the % value for closing if the curtain is open 100% and I want the curtain to close 70% at 12 noon?

The automatic calibration for the blind utilizes the power consumption feature ( detect the current change for the whole route), so DUALR3 Lite only supports manual calibration.

Thanks for the info @Daniel_Zhan.

To close the curtain to 70% at noon:

  • Schedule
  • Enter time and days if this is to be repeated
  • Tick Action
  • Tick Percentage, then move the slider to 70%
  • Save

The problem is: This only works with DualR3, but not with the DualR3 lite. I wasn’t aware of all the limitations that come with the abstinence of power consumption monitoring.

In the schedule settings there is no CLOSE at % item. There is only OPEN at %. Your option raises the curtain, rather than lowering it by %.

I believe that it is just the wording that is confusing.
The “Open percentage” merely is “percentage”.
0% open is closed.
100% open is completely opened.
75% open is 25% closed.
The “Open” in the wording is probably just there to let you know what 100% is. (Opened rather than closed). Just ignore the word “Open” in “Open Percentage”.

And you have to tick the “Percentage” area to acivate that rather than just “Open” oder Close".