DualR3 Lite in Scene with a percentage control

Both DualR3 and DualR3 Lite have options to set the percentage directly in Home for the device.
But in scenes Lite version does not have the ability to receive the percentage value.


Any expectation this to be enabled for Lite too?

It’s so called Lite, lol.

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Any response from eWeLink or Sonoff team?

@yitie or @Daniel_Zhan?

Sorry for missing this, @PeterGoGo would you please check this with App team to find out if there is some protocol difference or sth caused that? thanks

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Will do. I’ll get back to @nescha later.

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@PeterGoGo, DualR3 has percentage control in both the IF and THEN sections.
It would be awesome if DualR3 Lite had a percentage for both sections too.

We will add it to the roadmap. It will be available in future updates. Thanks for your suggestion and patience.

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