Dual R3 Motor Calibration issues

I have a window blind motor that I set up with a Dual R3. When I first set up the device in the app, it works fine when pressing up/down/stop. It gives me the warning to calibrate the motor. When I do this, it will turn the device for 2-3 mins and then show as calibrated. However, after calibration… Nothing works. Not open/close/stop. When delete the device and set it up again without calibration… It works. Any way to just have the app use “seconds” to open or close without calibration?

Loop @Erin for further assistant.

Are you saying that after calibration, tapping to open/close/stop the device will not respond?

Yes, that is correct.

Could you please record a video and send it to us in the Feedback ticket?
We’ll do a check on it.