Dual R3 motor calibration

I have installed a Dual R3 to drive my 1/3 HP garage door motor. It works fine using the app to open and close with a 300W load limit to stop it at either fully opened or closed.
The app reminds me each time I open it to calibrate the motor. As the motor has no limit switch installed, when I first tried to use the calibrate feature it ran in one direction and stopped with the motor still trying to run for a few seconds before I chickened out and manually stopped it.
I would like to understand how the calibration works and if it does require limit stops on the motor? Also how can I prevent the warning to calibrate the motor each time I open the app?

We will add the manual calibration feature in the next OTA, please wait for the update.

Hi @Daniel_Zhan

I have the exact same issues, except that my garage door needs a 360W load limit to work properly (lower value will stop it before being fully closed/opened).

  1. Do you know if the 360W limit can be raised, as it seems to be the maximum supported value in the app. Why not allowing any value here finally ?

  2. Do you have an ETA for the manual calibration feature and do you have more details for this feature ? how it is supposed to work ?

Thanks a lot for anwering me.


@romaindaize @raball

The DUALR3 will monitor the motor current while calibration. The current will decrease dramatically when the motor approaches the limit end, when the current is decreased to 1/2, we consider that the motor reaches the end. The current calibration solution requires the limit switch.

The ETA of the manual calibration feature is Jan, we are working on this now.