Dual R3 (with motor) calibration

Hi, today I tried to calibrate my Sonoff Dual R3 that I want to use with a curtain.
The app tells me that I must calibrate the motor in “device setting” but when I go to device setting it doesn’t give the option of calibrating motor.
I think there must be an upgrade of the version of the app because when I used it in other curtain it gave me option to calibrate motors but now it doesn’t.
Is there any way to use an old version of the app?? Please help!!!
Thank you.


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Hi Diego, could you send the device ID?

“Dual R3” supports stroke calibration. But the “Dual R3 Lite” is not supported, please confirm which model you use specifically.

Thank you for your answer I have Dual R3
Attached find some pictures.

Thanks again.


I write you again just the device ID.

Device ID: 1001338ad3

Thank you.

eWeLink staff here,
Copy that, checking, get back to you ASAP.

Hi, diego,
we check the device ID confirmed the APP and firmware version are all good,
Maybe the setting page is not that obvious to find caused your confuse, wish the steps below may helps,
enter the device setting page → working mode → choose ‘motor’ → external trigger mode → choose the right switch type and then ‘calibrate motor’,
then the calibrate progress will working.

Free to reach me any further issue, cheers.

Thak you for your help Yitie, I didn’t see the “calibrate motor“ button, I will try to do it but I’m sure this is going to work.

Thanks a lot and I congratulate you for your customer service. I really did not think you would reply me and so soon.



Sure thing, check my screenshots for those steps, hope give a better instruction for you, Btw, we are considering put the access more reachable in the next one ore two version of eWeLink app.

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“calibrating motor… Do not interrupt the process”

What is the expected duration here? How long should I wait before reporting a bug? Do I just press “got it” and wait?