[Discussion] About ZigBee2CUBE and NON-Zigbee 3.0 devices compatibility

Logs received also, the engineer are checking on that.
Get back to you later.

Hi. From your sys logs, MatterBridge actually had not init. Pls check this issue that can resolve your problem.

@hiconkong and @yitie,

I have tested seeking this step-by-step and the matter is working again.
I think the devices control time and responses are slower than before.

Thanks for the support.

No worries, glad to hear that.

As you may know that the Matter is still in its early stage, and the giant companies like Apple, Google, Amazon etc. slight tune the feature on there own platforms with quite a frequent pace, and not aware the developers, it’s really frustrated.
Sometimes it’s our bugs, but most of them recently are caused buy the changes of the giants, the only thing we can do is keep on the tracks and hoping the Matter bacame more stable in the near future.

Hi, Have the dev team made any progress on this?

Moes 2 gang switch connected but showing up with only 1 switch and not opperational.

Good afternoon.
I have a Moes Hub and I can’t get eWeLink to locate it. Can you tell me if it is not compatible?

It is not compatible

Can you recommend me a good one that is compatible?

Sonoff ZBBridge Pro or NSPanel Pro

Hi. I have some Aqara / Lumi temperature and humidity sensors which show up as temperature / humidity sensors in iHost but there are no readings displayed. Please could you help?

Also - feature suggestion. When a device is deleted can we not also delete the scene associated with it as I often want to reuse it / have only deleted the device because it’s become disconnected. Cheers!

Temperature/humidity reading issues we will fix in the next release

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When is this going to happen?

Aqara Illuminance Sensor T1 model GZCGQ11LM - the sensor is searched for in iHost, but not recognized correctly. It cannot detect light intensity.

Hey I think the whole device type is not supported yet, not just the Aqara one

I’ve tested the RTCGQ11LM on eWeLink CUBE Version 1.13.4 and its working again. Now is showing the Battery percentage, but the Luminosity is still missing. Even though it’s old, it’s still the best motion sensor I’ve tested.

I tried to pair the Xiaomi Mijia WXKG01LM button to the iHost, but it hasn’t been recognized.

Xiaomi devices are notorious for not following Zigbee standards.

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Is it possible to add suppor for MOES Smart Thermostat ZHT-002?

Devices are paired as a router without Zigbee2CUBE but failed to control. With Zigbee2CUBE they appear as “Not supported yet” -devices.

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Hi @yitie ,
I don’t know if this topic is still active, but I would like to inform you that I tested Tuya Soil temperature and humidity sensor (_TZE200_myd45weu) and it doesn’t work as expected: it shows only the temperature and not the umidity (device category = temperatureSensor). Here a debug of the sensor:

   "name":"Plant Temperature Sensor",

Do you think it will be fixed or I have to buy another device?


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