Controling of Solar Geyser


I currently make use of solar geysers in my home where they are controlled by a Geyserwise device

The geyserwise has a 12v solar pump circulating the water between the tube manifold on my roof and water in the geyser in my ceiling.

The geyserwise has a control panel where you set timers.

The geyserwise has 2 temperature probes.

1 goes into the temperature pocket on the tank and the other into the tube manifold on my roof.

When the temperature in the manifold is 7° higher than the water in the tank, the geyserwise switches on the pump to circulate water. And stops when temp is less than 5.

My question:

Can this somehow be replicated with a TH switch and waterproof temperature sensor?

Can these switches take 2 sensors? Or could 2 TH switches talk to each other in a scene somehow?

The switching on and off of a 220v pump to circulate the water is the easy part.

I want to keep this within eWeLink if possible as I don’t know how to use IFTT etc…

Any ideas?

This can be done in the ewelink app using the scene’s temperature difference function.

Can you a difference in temp between 2 TH switches? Within 1 scene?

I don’t see how this is possible within a scene. I have looked.

I have TH switch…under a scene I don’t see a difference in temp. And I’d need 2 switches…so a scene between the 2 in theory.

HI. I have the exact same setup, only 2 geysers with 2 geyserwise units. I bought the TH16 with waterproof probe 2 months ago. i fastened the probe to the coldwater outlet from the geyser that goes to the solar manufold. i made the set point 53 C and used the ewelink app for the automation. i later moved the automation to iHost because i bought 1. it has been running with no problems for 2 months. my ON time is 9 in the morning and OFF time is 3 in the afternoon. when the geysers reach that temp they both switch off untill 2morrow.

With the TH 16 you might as well sell the geyserwise to a friend because the ewelink app works great. you can also have an automation that turns on a geyser element if the temp is below 45 in the afternoon, just for an hour or so. just use a relay then that switches the 12volt pump on and off when needed.

Ok, cool.

How do you circulate the water? Did you fit a 220v pump to the TH switch? And then it just runs all day? And only switches off at 53°?

Ah nee. Can I call you? Or WhatsApp me 0813908907 :pray:t3:

Of course, you need to have two temperature and humidity sensor devices, and then set the temperature difference between the two devices as a trigger condition inside 1 scene

Thank you for this.