Very complicated interface to temporarily change temperature

In our summer house, I have 5 TH10s that control the temperature in a bedroom, a living room, a bathroom, a laundry room and a food cellar. These start and turn off radiators when the temperature falls below/above: 14, 14, 14, 10 and 8 degrees. When we occasionally go to the cottage in the winter, I change the temperature of 2-3 of them to 18-22 degrees, which is incredibly strange in the eWeLink app. It is not possible (as in other apps) just to change the temperature by spinning and thus choosing a desired temperature, but requires more than 10 clicks: enter two temperatures and click save three times to temporarily change the temperature to e.g. 22 degrees. For every desired room!

So if I want to change the temperature of three rooms for one night, I have to click over 30 times, enter 6 temperatures and click save 9 times. Same thing the next day to set back to 14 degrees. Can you please change it so you can only spin a temperature or tell me what I don’t understand?

I’m guessing that there are many people who have two temperatures that they switch between: home/away, so that could also be a solution.

It sounds like you need a function to copy all the configuration items of AUTO mode and apply them to other similar devices :thinking:

I think a better solution would be if the interface was better. Why should it take 10 clicks (for navigation, 2 times to enter the temperature and 3 clicks on the Save button) to change from 12 to 21 degrees? A better solution is to make it possible to click edit and change a temperature directly.