THR3 thermostat - Can you set switching temp from eWeLink? also set static IP?

Just got 4 THR thermostats (one without LCD)
Really impressed however like control (setting switching temp) via a windows PC, not just the App.
just upgraded to advanced thinking it would give me that but seems not, waste of money so far!
Just show temp & switch.
Can set a scene but would prefer the, assume built in control.
Just in case of LAN failure or something.

Also would like via Home Assiantant. Can read temp & switch etc. but would like climate settings as above.
HA Run in a container so cannot use official eWeLink add-on, probably find a way round to install but seem to remember more trouble than its worth.

Also, is there a way to set the THR3 to have a static IP, nothing in the android app, seems very odd.