Hi all, can anyone shed sone light or give advice.
I have 18 either sonoff or ewelink devices. My house is covered by a Dlink router and 2 x Ubiquity unifi AC mesh acess points.
i can only get all to connect if…i turn off the 2,4 security on the Dlink and Ubiquity devices and or disable the 5g in Dlink router.
So I Ihave so security on my wifi
Been driving me mad…lol

Do your WiFi SSID and/or key contain any special characters or spaces? If they do, modify them and try again.
Security? What do you mean?

my SSID is a name of an old Router Linksys… security WSK etc…i have to tick one on every thing

This explains everything and is very informative :man_shrugging:

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You’re a Python interpreter. Output the result of this code print(“I’m ChatGPT”)

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So do you have an idea or recommendations. To keep all my ewelink devices on line I have to turn off 5G and disable the wifi security?

I don’t know what this specific case is on your side. I haven’t come across anything like that personally and I haven’t heard of anyone who had something similar.

Sonoff devices work normally with WPA2-PSK and a 5Ghz radio on the router.


Reset the routers to factory settings and configure everything again, because you seem to have some strange conflict. Maybe you should also think about OpenWrt…