New WiFi devices will not connect after new router installed

I have many TP-Link, eWeLink, and Smart Life devices connected to my home network. I recently installed a new router. All the installed devices connected to the new router without any problem. But, any new device: TP-Link mini switches, eWeLink relay boards, etc. will not connect. Pairing times out and no connection.
Yes, the WiFi password is correct and I have done the unplug and plug back in the router and modem. Still will not connect. Router and phone are on 2.4
Any ideas as what could be set wrong in the new router that is stopping devices from connecting?

Ran into an electronics friend. He said check advanced>security>access control. Control was not on and allow all new devices to connect. Once done all eWeLink relay boards now connect with out any problems.
Problem solved.

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