Connectivity Issues: Sonoff 3 Gang Switch with TP-Link Router via eWeLink App

I am facing challenges connecting the Sonoff 3 gang switch to my TP-Link router using the eWeLink app.

However, it easily connects when I use the Mi router. I’ve ensured that I’m using the 2.4 GHz frequency on the TP-Link, but still, it’s not working.

Additionally, I cannot find the option to change the Wi-Fi within the app.

How can I access this feature, or is there a workaround to resolve this issue?

Due to chip limit, not all devices support to change Wi-Fi in the settings page. if support, there should be a WiFi settings option in the device settings page.

For the TP-Link router, does it share the same wifi name of the Mi router? try to change it, and try to disable its 5GHz on the webUI.