Is there any chronotermostat for house water heater working with ewelink + nspanel Pro?

What do you want to achieve?

Control my home water heater and avoid to buy something not compatible with ewelink

I don’t believe there is any compatible. But you can achieve the goal otherwise. What kind of water heater do you own?

ZOREI Termostato Zigbee Digitale Programmabile Per Caldaia A Gas Mural - A2Z WORLD SRL - A2Z WORLD SRL this one could be an idea but needs a different hub and a different app …I do not want to make thinks too complicate

For several years, I have been using Sonoff th16r2 devices in winter to heat my summer house. They have the advantage that they have their own temperature sensor, so they can work independently of the cloud and if the connection to the network is lost, they will not burn down our apartment… :slight_smile: I think you can stick this sensor to the tanks whose temperature you want to measure, I don’t know if that’s the case that’s what I thought… :slight_smile: