NSpannel Pro - New software version - missing Thermostat option

I was waiting with interest for the new update that solves the low battery wrong reported from the Zigbee sensors, and last night that update has come.

As happy as I was when I see that the problem was solved, now I am very disappointed about the fact that the option that configures the thermostat has completely gone from the EweLink app.

Please tell me if there is a way to configure now a thermostat if there is a way or we just lose that function.

Thanks in advance .


Same issue here.

У меня тоже пропал термостат, почему представители Ewelink ничего по этому поводу не пишут?

Same here!

Same, what a pain…

The same problem i

Same issue here

same big problem.

tengo el mismo problema

a month ago I bought 6 pcs with the idea of using them only and only as thermostats, how is it possible that after the last update the function disappears since it is the main function with which the product is advertised???

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Same here in ulk time to get it back on

Same issue here.

Seems like they solve the problem.
At least on the Europe server.

Tanks Ewelink team