Sonoff Temperature Sensor + Alexa

I’ve been searching here and I don’t think that this topic exists…

I’m having an issue with the Sonoff Temperature Sensor via Zigbee.
I can see him in my Alexa platform, I can see the temperature clearly.
However, I can’t create a scenario with this device, just because it isn’t considered has a Smart Device.

My idea was, when the sensor detects +27 degrees in my room and it’s 5PM, Alexa will turn on AC on 22 degrees for 1 hour.

Does anyone have experience this before?

I just checked - and same for me.

Alexa recognized the temp sensor and can read aloud the current temperature - but the sensor is not available as a trigger when trying to set up a Routine in Alexa app

Exactly the same for me, 4 Sonoff temperature and humidity sensors along with 2 Sonoff motion detectors deployed.

Idea was to have the rooms temperature trigger a separate skill linked to the household heating system causing the heating to be switched on.

eWelink cannot be used directly because it does not support the heating system.

Essentially a waste of money given the lack of interoperability. There are no eWelink compatible devices that would work thout replacing the entire gas piping which is only two months old, so not going to happen.