Smart Scene not supporting SONOFF thermostat

I have zigbee hub pro version and temperature/humidity sensor and thermostats.

idea I want to control each room temperature based on temperature sensor not on thermostat temperature sensor

  1. If room temperature below > turn thermostat to xx degrees
  2. If room temperature abow > turn thermostat to xx degrees

In web version I see “Scene not supported”

when this will be fixed? Is there workaround this?

Is it the same if I use other platform - that I can control thermostat based on room temperature from zigbee temp/humd. sensor?

Everyone wants to know. Mostly those who have paid for a subscription :moneybag:

Do you know if this scene works with ihost?

Now it works with eWeLink Web. New version (3.2) has been published. Now you’re free to go with your idea.
And yes, it works with iHost.