iHost local scene with sound warning (sound alarm) on ZigBee Pro HUB

I’m moving my sonoff cloud scenes to iHost.

One of my scenes is creating sound alarm on ZigBee Pro hub (I have 2 of them in different parts of the house) if temp will drop below 19.5C If this will happen both of them will sound alarm and I will be able to hear it everywhere.

Now I’m trying to do the same localy on iHost.

Unfortunately the only device which can be used to sound the alarm is iHost.

Why can I use Sonoff ZigBee Pro hub for this ???

The iHost uses a LAN to connect to the ZigBee Pro hub, and currently only supports basic control and synchronization, just as the switch doesn’t support Inching Setting functionality on the iHost at this time.

Thank you for answer.

Do you have plans to make ZigBee Pro hub fully cooperative with iHost?

I think that people will have only 1 iHost but they can have multiple ZigBee Pro hub. It would be great to be able to use ZigBee Pro hub capability to sound alarm when being used in scenes.

If you will work to make this happen… when we could expect this?

We will evaluate this need.

Thank you.

If I may have suggestion…

Please make waterproof version of ZigBee Smart button.

Then with Zigbee Pro HUB fully working with iHost

This could be used as door bell.

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