iHost + NSPanel Pro = full compatibility needed

I have iHost and multiple NSPanel Pro.

I want to use NSPanel Pro in iHost scenes as sound device.

For example if temp will go up to certain value I would like that NSPanel Pro will sound alarm.

But I can’t !!!

iHost is not fully developed product !!!

When using cloud I could use ZBBridge Pro as sound device in scenes. With multiple bridges it works well.

But whole point of having iHost was that Sonoff promissed that it will replace cloud.

Which for today is not true…

When creating scenes on iHost I can only use iHost as sound alarm in scenes.

But I live in larger place and have only 1 iHost but multiple ZBBridge Pro and NSPanel Pro. Unfortunately can’t use them for this task when creating scenes on iHost.

I paid money for iHost as it was promised by Sonoff that iHost will replace the cloud.

Which even after 1 year after iHost was introduced is not true !!!

I want create scene on iHost that will allow me to use ZBbridge Pro to Sound Alarm when button is pushed.

It is impossible to do on iHost. When creating scene on iHost and Sound Alarm is needed then only iHost can be used as that device.

But I live in larger place and have multiple ZBbridge Pro and I want to use them for this task.

To do this I have to use Sonoff cloud… but I paid money for iHost !!!

Sonoff please solve this problem ASAP !!!


Thx for your suggestions and detailed usage case, we will consider supporting this feature in future versions.

I already asked for it in the past… nothing changed.

The same with iHost backup… I use print screens to backup my scenes!!!

But this is a joke to sell device which don’t have any backup options !!!

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@jiayu.gou @songal Could you please take a look at this feature request for iHost’s interoperability with NSPanel Pro and ZBbridge Pro’s built-in alarm? Many Thx!

Thanks for pushing my request further.

I would add to this request possibility to link more than 1 NSPanel Pro to iHost.

Then in some areas I could use NSPanel Pro as ZigBee hub instead using ZBbridge Pro.

Sonoff with iHost could be great system… but more work is needed on software part.

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