Add Amazon Alexa compatibility to SNZB-01

It would be useful if you could trigger Alexa Routines using the SNZB-01 Zigbee button.

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Alexa didn’t support routines for status-less devices like ZB01 for now, may I know how will you use it if it’s possible? Maybe I can talk with the Alexa team about this.

Will use to trigger Alexa Routines for devices that are not compatible with ewelink. Do not see much difference with devices like SNZB-03, SNZB-04 or RF Bridge that can indeed be used as Alexa routine triggers. All them seem to trigger events (maybe are short duration statefull devices in their internal implementation?)

Also resell Sonoff devices in my country and it is really a good sale proposition to mention it is compatible with Alexa. It is common prespective buyers ask for Alexa compatibility and when told it is not yet supported the sale falls.

It’s generally a unsupported feature by Alexa, buttons are quite difficult from other devices, i have learned that Alexa do have a tested feature only available for developers to covering this scenarios, let me talk to the Alexa team to see what we can do to help.

I think it’s nice to have ZB01 to initiate Alexa routines across devise with different Brands, another useful scenario.

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Hi guys, now remote switches are available to trigger Alexa routines. Supported models are SNZB-01P, SNZB-01, and S-Mate.
Feel free to check out the tutorial.

Hi! Just to confirm: to use an SNZB-01 to trigger an Alexa routine, I must have a Sonoff zigbee hub, right? There is no way to use the SNZB-01 with Alexa by directly connecting it to the Echo zigbee hub?