Sonoff Zigbee Push Button Switch - SNZB-01P

Hi there, I have managed to add a SNZB-01P push button switch to the iHost and it successfully pulled through to Google Home app.

I tried to create a Household Routine in Google Home Automations using the Sonoff switch as the Starter Device, but it is not listed as a Starter Device.

I searched around on the Forum, but no luck, could anybody please help me get around this one?

I have created my first Automation/ Scene/ Routine using Google Home and it works great.

Next I am adding a Smart IR device for the amp and aircons.


This is one of the peculiarities of Google Home. I have not been able to overcome it. Gave up. It is the same with Amazon Alexa. It is not eWeLink’s fault, though.
Perhaps someone has an effective way to bypass this limitation.

hi @mattpanex ,

i suggest for you to try to enable public preview at google home settings if you didnt do that yet , it will add some future functions thats still under test , and see if thats help .

as i remember you can use any device as starter after enabling public preview , i didnt try for button but i think you will find it there , enable it and give it some time to get fully working

Thank you for the replies, I will try and activate public preview.

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Hi there, I enabled public preview and the push button is still not showing after 24 hours. I will comment if I find a solution.

did you noticed any new functions added to google ? such as camera view and making routines with on/off devices ?

Hi, nope, could you share a screen shot of additional functionality? thanks

sure but it will take time to reflect , since you didnt see any additional functions it may mean its still not activated . i will share screenshot before and after activate public preview

Thank you for your time and effort. I will update you when it comes online/ available

i did activate the google home public , sad to say that google home not supporting buttons (event) , my button were detected as switch type and there is no option to change it to button , if you search over google about supporting buttons with google home you will see many waiting that option that still not yet available , someone correct me if i were wrong

Thanks for the feedback, I think they want you to do everything by voice, but it is not always feasible.