I wanted to brag on the SNZB-01P. I love those wireless buttons. They are great. Little shaky at first, but they did a firmware update and made them 100% reliable.

I use them both with Smart Scenes and Alexa Routines. I also use the Flic 2 buttons, but they cost more than 2.5 times the price of the SNZB-01P.

Yes, you need the ZBBridge or Pro. But they are worthwhile. Try them. Hide them in places where you need to run something. You can stack Sonoff on/offs in Smart Scenes and excute all kinds of things in an Alexa routine. LOVE THEM.


Hip hip hurrah!

Many Sonoff/eWeLink products are ‘shaky at first’. Some stop being shaky, others last in this state for quite a long time.

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