B1 lamp - switcing on intermittently without any action

I checked all my routene and scenes , all disabled and again it keep switching on some times day time , mid night etc…
Can any help to stop this

Can I have a scene created from other apps that are connected to ewelink like for example google home? And in the registry, what does it show about the inclusion?

No, i did create in Alexa , but i disabled all the scenes created

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Ok but what does it say from the device registry. It should say where it is triggered.

Where can I find device registry?
For B1 no log available

Sorry, I didn’t know there was no registry.

Please check if you have created any automations or routines by using 3P platforms, Google,Alexa,SmartThings,IFTTT ETC,.

I disabled all routines and scenes, still it is switching

Shall i delete the lamp and add again

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And by chance there is an overload setting and you have set for example 240v max-off and you really have an overload.
What is the temperature at which the lamp works, keep in mind that if it passes 39 degrees Celsius.

  • Operating Temperature: 0ºC~ 40ºC (32°F ~ 104°F )

I had this recently and couldn’t figure out what was causing it, I resolved it by deleting the device and setting it up again, along with new scenes. It worked perfectly after that, I assume any scenes or other devices that were controlling it were reset when I deleted the device.

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Hi! I fixed that problem with a new router. The company router was saturated with so many iterates, so I’ve bought a tplink router to create a wlan especially for all devices and problem resolved.

Let me try with new router, but it is a lengthy process , we need to register all drvices again,

I see you are in Dubai there as far as I know it gets big degrees. It is very possible to get such problems at high temperatures as well as at low temperatures. It’s happened to me.

Though it is hot in Dubai, all the devices are in air-conditioned area, haha, 80 to 90% of indore areas in Dubai are air-conditioned ,haha
Welcome to Dubai

I can only guess, nothing prevents the lamp from not being in climatic conditions. I am trying to help and solve your mitirious problem.

Thanks for your reply and suggestions, i tried to reinstall the lamp after deleting from app , it still sometimes getting on byitself but all other timer functions are working fine
With the lamp , it looks like the lamp it electrics itself malfunctioning