4CHPROR3 reacts to unpaired buttons

Update from me, I had to de-solder the cristal from the board so the RF feature does not function (force break it) as indicated by previous comment. @jam3
Desperate attempt to make use of the device at least with its WiFi control.
Not ideal but better than nothing.
I also contacted itead customer services to escalate the problem and the solution I got was for them to send me a fixed 4CHPRO R3 but I had to pay postage (which was not too cheap). Let’s see if the new unit works as expected.

I suggest you all also escalating the issue to customer services. The more the merrier. And @morgan is completely right and once I have my setup working back as I needed I will battle the reimbursement of all costs associated. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

My case with customer support went basically the same (including the expensive shipping).
But I can happily report that the new units I received work as intended no longer triggered by unpaired buttons. I have no idea what might have changed on the board and firmware is supposedly the same.
The only differences I could find were inclusion of chinese letters on the outside cover and one number on the pcb changed but I have no idea what that number represents. Otherwise they are identical to me.
I have a use-case for the “faulty” units so overall I am not happy but content enough.
Faulty on the left newer one on the right: