Channel status not accurate on app

I’m using Sonoff 4CHPro V3 to control some of my swimming pool equipment. Each channel is a dry contact and I’m using in the Normally Open (NO) configuration. I’m using the Ewelink App on my iPhone. When I turn on a channel from the app the button shows as ON (Blue) only temporarily. Why isn’t the status of the channel mirrored to the app button?

• Depress button 1 for channel 1 in the App.
• Channel closes and passes 5V to pump. As it is supposed to. LED on the Sonoff corresponding to Channel 1 is illuminated.
• Button 1 on app doesn’t stay illuminated ‘blue’ or ‘on’. The button illumination turns to white or off after time (not sure exactly how long). The LED on the Sonoff remains illuminated.
• Channel remains closed, however button indicator in app is turned off and doesn’t match actual status of channel.

Why doesn’t the App button mirror the actual status of the Sonoff channel. Something doesn’t seem correct. Anyone else experience this issue?


Hi there. Is there only one channel that doesn’t match the actual state? Are there any other devices that have this problem as well?

My set-up is using 2x Sonoff 4ChPro’s and 1x Sonoff TH16.

One of the 4CHPro’s is displaying status correctly in the app while the other isn’t. All 4 channels have the issue with the one that doesn’t show status correctly. It is set in INTERLOCK mode while the correctly working one isn’t in INTERLOCK.


May I have the Device ID?

Suspecting a hardware issue, I ordered another 4ChPro3 and installed it last night. Status is showing correctly in the app with the new unit. I will be returning the original. It took me 4 of these units to get 2 that work properly. Another one I bought had an issue with one of the channels as it was always ‘closed’. It was also returned.

Ok. Sorry for the inconvenience.