4CHPROR3 Not able to be used with widgets and automations?

Why is this??
Has anyone figured out a workaround??

We are working on a way to support the creation of widgets for 4CH, thanks for your patience.

When do you think you will have a solution?

Do any of your other devices support 12v and widgets?

I think @Erin‘s reply isn’t clear enough, let me clarify it a bit more,
4CH already supports scenes setting in eWeLink APP, and as for widgets, it need to be integrated separately into the OS and also be limited by the capability of the widget itself, so widget supports will be later than the APP, you can get the latest supports news via APP massage channel, blog in eWeLink officially site, and AppStore release notes.

@rob May I know how you use the device? it helps us to understanding the users case better.

Checking with SONOFF team, only 4CH supports 9-23V DC input for now.

Hi, I installed a 4ch pro and I have the same problem … there are no widgets with iOS. Were you able to solve?