4CH Pro R3 multiple interlock

Is there a possibility for some new firmware change to add the option for configurable INTERLOCK behavior to 4CH R3 (Pro) devices?

Instead of having an interlock between all 4 channels, to have a possibility to:

  1. Have 2 + 2 channels two dual independent interlocks
  2. Have 3 + 1 channels with one triple interlock and one independent switch
  3. Have 2+1+1 channels with one dual interlock and two independent switches
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Thanks for the ideas,

@Daniel_Zhan, let’s evaluate this feature with firmware team.


I’d be very interested in this. I have two projects right now for 3+1. Both three speed single phase fans with an auxiliary fan or pump.

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Yes yes yes… Definitely need this.

Any update on this?