Wiring of Sonoff 4CH Pro

I was looking for a straight forward distribution type box for some lighting and I thought the Sonoff 4CH Pro might do the job.
I had the idea that the 4CH Pro was a straight forward live and neutral in with 4 live and neutrals out to my devices.
From what I can see online, this is far from the case and I need to add jumper wires to each channel I need to use? Apart from being messy and fiddley it’s downright unsafe to try and jam bunches of wires together.
I’m a bit confused because I would have thought this could have come already done inside the unit? Am I missing something here?
I just want live + neutral in…with 4 live and neutrals out?

Maybe I bought the wrong tool for the job.

Any help would be appreciated.


Hi, this gives the unit volt free contacts which is a big benefit over having the commons linked out. If you want all the switching at mains voltage I always link the lives in a separate connector (like a WAGO) and have just one cable in each terminal.

You require 4CHR3 AC switching model.