Need suggestions for Home Automation using Sonoff DIY Kits

Hey Guys,

I am setting up home automation for my home. I currently have approximately 40 regular rocker switches across all the rooms.

I have already experimented with Sonoff’s DualR3, which works very well with 2 switches, so about 20 DualR3s across the home to cover all the switches.

Recently, I came across MINIR4M, which is their matter-compatible and upgraded version of MINIR4, but from what I have understood, this works only for one switch.

So does it mean, I will have to plug 40 of these in the switchboards or there are smarter ways to do this (in some kind of combination etc…)

Any kind of help is appreciated.

Far from I can tell that MINIR4R only have one channel while the DUALR3 have two that’s why it’s so called DUAL.

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Thanks. Yes. But is there any way to use it in some kind of combination so it works via matter or I will have to stick to DualR3 for now?