Sonoff MiniR4M/HK/Hue

Hello, I need your help because I’m at my wits’ end. I have a monostable electric circuit in my bedroom, which includes all my light switches. These are pulse switches, similar to bell switches, with 0.5-second inching. I’ve tried to integrate this setup with Hue GU10 lights and the dedicated Hue bridge, which are visible in HomeKit. I can control the lights from HomeKit, but as soon as I use the physical light switch, the Hue lights stop responding. Note that there are four independent circuits in my bedroom. Behind my wall switches, I have Sonoff MiniR4M (Matter version) relay modules configured as pulse switches with the 0.5-second inching, and the power-on state set to ON. I want to be able to control my lights from within HomeKit and still use my regular pulse switches. The same setup, but with a bistable electric circuit and regular light switches, for example, in my bathroom, works flawlessly—I can control the light using the switches and HomeKit interchangeably. What am I doing wrong? Please help. :pray::pray::pray:

Without your installation diagram there is not much to discuss.