2FA (2 Factor Authentication)

Is there a way to add 2FA to my eWeLink account? If there is I’m having difficulty finding it. I have looked at both web and iOS App and can’t find it.

If there isn’t could it be added? I must have about 30 devices now. It would be really annoying if my account was compromised and some of them are heaters. They should auto-shut off if they get too hot but I’m not sure I trust them.

Incidentally I have 2 free authentication apps and a security key. No need to add SMS 2FA. That’s old tech anyway. It’s not 2010 anymore.

2 security keys infact. Have a backup although it is just USB-A. My main security key is USB-A, USB,-C and NFC. The NFC works well for phone stuff.

Just got an iHost. Whole security part. You definitely need Multiple Factor Authentification if you want to move towards security stuff. Pretty sure FIDO2 is an open standard.
Will test to see if I can log on to it from outside my network later. Maybe the device is protected from outside by my network, but as it is synchronised with my eWeLink account that account is an attack surface and I don’t think you can add Wifi Devices without an eWeLink account. Zigbee seems to be account-less. Guessing also Tasmota is also local but I haven’t figure out how to do that yet. Was expecting a tab or something after seeing the advert. Maybe it is a docker or we just need to enable the local API (?how) and Tasmota already does it?

Tasmota add-on is expected to be released on late June or July

What about adding Multi-Factor Authentication on eWeLink accounts? Tested the iHost log on whilst out yesterday: couldn’t easily. Would bet I need to forward on some ports but given the synchronisation with eWeLink App I’d guess that would be an attack point. Also non-Zigbee devices need to be added to eWeLink and then shared. Unfortunately it’s not working currently but are the security settings adjustable from the eWeLink account? Would like atleast 2FA.